How Do I Make My Long Beach CA Home Desireable To Buyers

Long Beach CA Real Estate, Long Beach Homes For SaleQ. I want to sell my home in three months. What should I do now to make my home more attractive to buyers?

When people walk through a house they are checking it for fit. Will the home fit their family? Will the area fit their lifestyle? Will their belongings fit in the space? Buyers’ reaction to and expectations  to different rooms is based on how they will be used.

Improving Appeal of The Living Room and Dining Room Of Your Long Beach CA Home

The living and dining areas are about space. Keeping them uncluttered and clean and freshly painted is all that is required. Rearranging furniture could also help the sense of space. If you have out of date colors or old wall paper removing them and replacing with a warm neutral will improve the impression you make.

Improving Appeal of The Bedroom Of Your Long Beach CA Home

In bedrooms it is both about space and storage. Using the same concepts as the living rooms you want them to be clean, fresh and in up-to-date warm neutrals. The closet though is key. You want to remove as much of the unused stuff you have stored there and keep it lean. When people see an overstuffed closet they feel they could never get their stuff to fit. On the other hand a little emptiness gives the sense of spaciousness.

Improving Appeal of The Kitchen Of Your Long Beach CA Home

The kitchen however is key. An outmoded kitchen will immediately lower the home’s value in the buyers mind. You don’t need top rated appliances or sub-zero refrigerators. However the color, look and style of both cabinets and appliances should look modern. The harvest gold and avocado of the 1980s are very dead. Today’s colors should be white, black or steel. Granite counters are a plus. Styles are neat and nor ornate. Maple or oak always looks good. The right cherry wood cabinets can be attractive too. Easy to organize cabinet styles will attract the eye. And of course, the kitchen must be clutter free.

Improving Appeal of The Bathroom Of Your Long Beach CA Home

The bathrooms are  an area much like the kitchen. An updated, clean modern styled bathroom will increase the market appeal of your home. Lightening the shower curtains will always make the bathroom look larger.While attractive newer towels make the bathroom appealing but too many will take up visual space.

Investing In The Market Appeal Of Your Long Beach CA Home

The first place to spend money is in removing wall paper and painting everything.  The next would be window treatments – heavy drapes both reduce the sense of  light and the sense of space. Those willing to make a larger investment  should focus on the kitchen and the bathroom in that order.

For the rest of the house keep it clean, light, bright, airy and fresh smelling. And don’t forget to clean the windows till they sparkle.


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